23 December 2005

Australia and Japan!

So, it's 2 days to christmas and i'm in Adelaide. Over the last 2 weeks or so i've been in Osaka, Sydney and Melbourne too. Live From Antarctica is finally in the shops in England and Japan and and this is a much needed holiday. Having said that i got roped into filming a little bit in Melbourne but it was pretty fun and the guys from Blank clothing are a good bunch.

I think christmas dinner will be conducted on the beach and new year's eve will be with our friends in Osaka. Very much looking forward to that!

Back to Blighty in mid January for some fresh starts and exciting work. Maybe i'll get round to buying some new furniture then too. A bed might be nice.

29 September 2005

Late Nights

So, it's very early Thursday morning and the premiere for Live From Antarctica is on Saturday night. Wish me luck!! I need it. And some sleep wouldn't go amiss either.

There are 2 showings, at 9pm and 9.45pm at the Prince Charles cinema just off Leicester Square. If you'd like to come i can probably get you a ticket, let me know.

Right now, i'm off to bed. Zzzzz.

21 September 2005

It's me or the dog.

For the last 4 weeks i've been working for Ricochet here in Brighton on their new show "It's me or the dog" for Channel 4.
Episode 4, that I cut, is on tonight and features a misunderstood Dalmation called Pongo. The director I worked with was great fun and we made the best of a challenging edit. Hopefully i'll be asked back to Ricochet again soon.

Now it's the last two weeks of post production on the Heroin Skateboards video with the Premiere on October 1st. Not much sleep for me at the moment!

03 August 2005

New direct link to LFA Trailer.

There have been a few problems with www.livefromantarctica.com (don't blame me, I didn't touch it...honestly!) so i've decided to host the trailer myself for a bit and have placed a new link on this site so it can be viewed hassle-free. Over to the right you should see a new link, at the top of the list, that says VIDEO LFA trailer. See? There you go.

24 July 2005

Avid Colour Correction Course.

On Friday 22nd I completed the Avid 239 colour correction course at VET in Hoxton Square, London.

It was a great course and i'm very grateful to Mike Butler and all at VET for allowing me a place. I've done plenty of colour correction before on Avid and FCP but this really helped to iron out a few creases in my knowledge. In fact, the art of grading is something i've always taken very seriously and even though I may have been using only basic tools before my recent acquisition of Xpress Pro this area of post production has always been one of my main concerns. No footage gets past me uncorrected!

So, now I have a shiny certificate with my name on and a renewed enthusiasm for tweaking ropey looking shots. Exciting huh? As post production for Live From Antarctica starts in earnest next week i'll be sitting with my eyes glued to the scopes for the foreseebale future.

19 July 2005

Video Clips!

Well, I finally posted some video on this site. In the links section on the right of this page you'll see 3 links with VIDEO in front of them. Guess what they are?

The first clip, which is from my showreel (about 50% of it, best to keep things short online) is all skateboarding, or related, footage that i've shot over the last few years and is culled mainly from the 2nd Heroin Skateboards video "Everything's Going To Be Alright".

The second clip is an old and 'unused' trailer for the new Heroin video, Live From Antarctica. It's not actually unused, but it's only ever been played to an audience of any kind once - at the premiere of the Landscape Skateboards video "Portraits" (which is great! Nice one Massey!) at the Prince Charles cinema, just off Leicester Square. I was actually quite proud of it but with some changes to the Heroin team roster and a title for Live from Antarctica finally being agreed upon it got shelved. Anyway, take a look for yourself.

The third video clip is a fairly low res (512k stream tech fans!) version of my entry into the 2002 Day In The City film competition. All entrys had to be filmed in one day and edited over one week. Blind Ollie (real name Oliver Payne, now a fairly famous artist living in NYC - google him or my namedropping is in vain) and myself had the best time shooting this in central London on a hot August day and although we didn't win the competition we did get a special mention at the awards ceremony. You'll see why when you watch it.

As before, the link below that says Live From Antarctica will take you to the LFA news site, updated occasionally by me, and has the new trailer for the video which loads automatically.

I used a hosting service called Streamload.com for the new clips so hopefully it should work fine. Any problems with these clips please let me know.


29 June 2005

New Edit Suite!

So, after a sweltering filming trip to Paris with the Heroin Skateboards team I've returned home to my brand spanking new Avid Xpress Pro set-up.

Updating my kit at home has been a priority for a while since my PC Avid workstation was getting a bit long in the tooth and needed retirement.

I now have the following:

Mac G4 Powerbook
20" Apple Cinema display
320gb La Cie external drive
Avid Xpress Pro 4.6
Sony Mini DV GVD900 deck

Making the switch from PC to Mac was no big deal, I just wanted a laptop and Apple were making the best ones at the time. I'll still use the PC for some work, i haven't turned into an Apple snob...yet! It's the difference between Coke and Pepsi really isn't it? Mind you, I don't really like Pepsi...

03 June 2005

Good Morning!

OK, so this is my online CV/blog thing. Hope you like it.

When I've got everything I want on here it should contain enough information about my work and my recent activities to give an idea of what I can do and how I can do it.

In a nutshell, I'm an editor and film maker. I've mainly made skateboard videos (when I say 'made' i mean shot, directed and edited) and have worked as an editor on a number of other projects.

For post production I use Avid Xpress, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and anything else that enables me to put my ideas onto screen. For shooting skateboarding I use Sony DV/DVCAM cameras (VX1000 OR PD150) with, or without, Century Optics lenses.

I have my own equipment for both shooting and editing, the latter being on both Mac and PC with a few adjustments and improvements taking place soon.

I also teach editing and post production courses at universities, colleges and schools. I've been doing this for about 4 years now and have some regular clients who I work for during different terms. I used to work for a company called DVC who build edit suites. I was in charge of training and may be working with them again soon on some Avid Xpress courses.

Currently I'm freelance and undertake various editing jobs whilst almost constantly shooting for the new Heroin Skateboards video Live From Antarctica. I have another blog for that here
- I've only just started it but it has a trailer for the video and should get quite lively with updates, photos and teaser clips as time goes on. It's just hype building for the skateboard community really.

In time i hope to have all my details and CV here for all to see, meanwhile there is a little more about me in the profile section to the left of this!