24 April 2007

No confession yet, she's still talking about the bishop.

Last week most people spent most of their time at Cantelowes. I like to start with a sweeping generalisation.

The bowl is great for taking crap skate photos. I want to be the new Meany from Skateboard! mag or Mad Mike Johns.

The Tuesday shop is 1 year old today!!! Congratulations Jon and well done, you've done us proud.

Terrible photo but one of the most fun times I've had on a skateboard in years. A tuesday night, blind drunk, skating a curb. That's the dream session right there.

Thursday was Sam and Ches's Adidas thing. Look at Ritchie's beard! Christ! (say that in your best Pin voice!)

Yes Glen!


Uh oh... Apparently Jon got asked to leave later in the evening for taking a photo up some girl's skirt. Ha ha ha ha ha! I bet you fifty quid his response was "ELLO!?!"

My new favourite pub and it's about 100 yards from my house.

Sunday lunch by the river with Rach, Ben, Elliot, Ace and The Sarge.

I've never been able to do this before, hence the smug look.

23 April 2007

Gay Nazis

Just got the funniest email I think I've ever received. It made me laugh anyway. Rachel - you're a star!

"Found it for £55 on hotels.com so will book it.
Interesting facts:
1: Apparently it used to be the southern Nazi HQ
2: It is gay friendly, it says so on the site!

Either way: we're covered

16 April 2007

So much past in my present.

So, Rachel and I got married...

...and had a baby.

Ok, not really - we went to a wedding in Bournemouth with Bang and her daughter Nina (the baby belonged to the bride and groom by the way, we didn't nick it or anything).

Bang's dress looked exactly like the cover of the "We Live" album by Electric Wizard which I've been listening to a lot recently since I scored a copy of the double LP. She must have known this and planned her outfit accordingly.

This guy played us a Donovan song and has the O.G. most bangin' sticker of all time.

15 April 2007

Oh show me that smile that used to take my breath away.

Recent randoms: Larry came over for just one night. I managed to show him a great time by taking him to the shittiest pubs and cafes in Brixton - sorry Larry! Not exactly NYC huh?

Second one down - MMMMMM!!!

Saw this near Rach's. It says "I miss him already". It made my heart soar (I'm a gayer though).

This is Chocky. He's got a bite on him.

"Nah mate, no can do - me brother-in-law's got me ladders."

Yeah! The real 176 punters! Ha ha ha ha! Sorry Seth! Couldn't resist snapping this dude. Good quote from Joey recently - "For every white guy with dreads a real Rasta dies." Listen dread-wearing honkys - you're from Buckinghamshire or somewhere and if you got 're-patriated' to Ethiopia you'd shit yourself. Stop pretending to be something you're not, you might as well get boot polished up.

Went to Swansea with Rach for the weekend. Pretty shitty city.

She had to play sax over high street house music. Surprisingly it kind of worked. Not her favourite kind of gig I know but the clientele were hilarious...

...like these 3 stunnas!

The Uplands area of Swansea has it's own Police station. Not expecting much crime then boyos?

Daggers in the hiz-ouse! DAL, Hamaji and Takama at Cantelowes.

A meeting of minds.

Fos had a BBQ for DAL and Tamsin's joint birthday.

Ault smashed his face off on a BMX. I didn't laugh at all.

Camera club in full effect.

Lev - first dude in shorts this year. Respek.