30 July 2011

Teasing Alsations.

Fucking ridiculous. One look at Vic's face and I'm doubled over, funniest dude ever.

26 July 2011

She dashed by me in painted on jeans.

Check out the amazing looking park towards the end, original looking obstacles and a fun time by the looks of it. Luke - you been? Any good? The photo of Jaws in the pipe/hula hoop thing in Thrasher this month has the best caption... "You think you got this? Go there. You don't."

And while I'm in the subject of loops - Why the fuck did the Tom Remillard PROPER pumped into loop get the contents page and fucking T-Puds gets the cover? I know he has the interview and all but this is supposed to be THRASHER for fucks sake - when did ledge-dancing get preference over fucking LOOPS!? 

Oh and Pentagram have found God!? Fuck 'em, I always thought they were one of those bands that you're supposed to like but I never really could so it's no loss to me. Read the interview in the mag, fucking pussies.

24 July 2011

Back from Spain.

My tray table always looks the same on every flight.

Rabbit and chips. So good.

Mojito the size of a vase.

What I looked at every day - the underside of a parasol.

Seek and ye shall find. Ye might have to pay £1.80 a can though.

The whole town was full of these. About knee high and all kinds of variations.

14 July 2011


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As douche bag advertising directors look to steal ideas from skateboarding to continue their dialog with
todays youth market, skateboardings top video directors look to mimic the bland, lifeless, uninspired world
of advertising cinematography and "in style" effects. This shit looks more like an herbal essence commercial
than a skateboarding short.

this makes me miss vhs.

12 July 2011


If an alien lands his saucer in your back garden and you want to show him what skateboarding is you could show him this and he'd get it straight away.

Chris Pfanner from dlxsf on Vimeo.

10 July 2011

Delta Force.

The new best photo ever. "I don't look like him anymore though..." YEAH RIGHT!

So stoked on this board, 8.8" and super long. Fucking amazing and I won't be riding anything smaller maybe ever again - that Skull skates 10" has made 'normal' boards seem tiny. I now have a such a dope board quiver.

I guess the moral of this story is not to ride over a chocolate sundae cup. Oh and that kid in red in the background challenged me to a game of s.k.a.t.e a while ago and I whooped his ass. 1-0 to the old guys!

04 July 2011

Theirs is to win if it kills them.

Phone cam randoms.
First pair of 'Eaters since I was a teenager. How embarrassing. 


Thanks to Take That's Wembley traffic we got to see just the last song of Dinosaur's set. And it was that shitty one that Barlow just howls all the the way through. :(

The Flaming Lips set was U N R E A L though. My phone ran out of batteries during the first song though so no pictures apart from this. Here's a vid someone else shot though, it makes me grin like an idiot re-living how great this was.

Rach played the opera thing at millennium square this evening. The big screen was pretty far out.

03 July 2011

Slappy Hour.

On a Landscape trip to NYC a few years ago I met Conor Fay and filmed a bit of footy with him that got used in the last Coda Skateboards video. Conor is a good lad who looks like a young Robert Duvall and rips the shit out of those raw east coast spots. The new Coda video is below and has a cracking amount of slappies in. Tuesday Crue approved!

SLAPPY HOUR from CODA skateboards on Vimeo.