24 June 2010

I am no-one.

Alright, alright - we've all had a drink mate.

It appears that 2 of the 186 evil spirits possessing him are James Brown and Ol' Dirty Bastard.

19 June 2010

Different from the rest.

Yes Daewon! Like one of the comments says - sometimes we need reminding who's boss!
Cheers Luke for bringing this to my attention.

11 June 2010

Spinning in reverse.

The Witchcraft promo is finally done and online at the Funeral Fog site so go check it out.
Or click the image to watch it here.
Or here's a Vimeo link if you'd prefer.
Or fuck off.

Oh and here's the magazine ad - look out for it in print soon...


09 June 2010

Insane, crazy, drivin' Miss Daisy, I don't fuckin' mind now I got mine I'm Swayze.

I think originally this was meant for a Strange Notes DVD but they stuck it on their site instead.
I filmed a couple of the Ault tricks at the end, the rest is almost as rad!

06 June 2010

Uh! C'mon crowd!

"I'm fucking maggot luv!"

So, did anyone else sit glued to the Maloof Money Cup? I did for some strange reason - mainly I think for the novelty value of it being streamed live in HD and it ACTUALLY WORKING PERFECTLY! Unheard of in my house, most of the good channels don't even make it down the pipe into my TV let alone through Wifi and onto my laptop. Hell, I even watched the finals on my phone!

Anyway, marveling at technology aside I found it surreally entertaining, frustrating and hilarious in equal measure. I haven't been to or watched a contest in M A N Y years and watching this made me feel like what it must feel like to be an armchair football fan (like most football fans then). I'm sitting there cheering on (quietly) people ten years younger than me doing something to a standard I've no chance of reaching myself.

The commentary was in turns banal sponsor-name-dropping drivel and moments of near-the-knuckle genius. Nieratko is a funny fucker - "I love how Brian Anderson is openly... tall."

The camera would point at P-Rod drinking Mountain Dew® when AVE was killing it in the background and the commentators would keep saying how "Paul has been at the course for 2 days planning his strategy." So what? Lizard King has probably been on acid for the last 2 days and he's still got more exciting moves than the spoilt little Christian with his initials on every item of clothing he wore. Homogenized switch crook or one-foot to front board down the big rail? There is a correct answer.

Anyway, fortunately Cole took him out in the final and sent him limping back to church to give thanks for the measly $40k he got for second place. Will I be an avid comp watcher from now on? Probably not but it was sort of fun to pretend I cared for a day or two.

Oh and I did get out and skate today so don't get on your fucking high horse.

Special Shred Sleds.

Set up a funny shape board - I've got a couple on the go at the moment, it's fun. No cruiser wheels, just skate it how you like - curbs are best obviously.