26 November 2007

"No, I go to my Nan's on sunday!"

Can't be arsed to lay them all out so here's a slideshow of some Landscape mischief in Barcelona last week. It was half fun, half frustrating - we rented a car at the airport on a whim which ended up with us spending most of the week driving randomly in circles looking for spots on the impossible Barcelona motorway system. I don't recommend it - take the tube. It's quicker and greener and you won't have to listen to 'Liberian Girl' by Michael Jackson 80 times (thanks Rory). Actually I might download it now, I kind of miss it now we're home.

Quote of the week...

Rory - "I just cussed you in Lithuanian bruv!"
Whitehead - "I don't give a fook!"

16 November 2007

Ner ner ner-ner ner!

I'm going to Barcelona for a week so you'll have to make do with this for the next week.

She dances just like me, it's uncanny. Ask Rach.

14 November 2007

How to make yourself feel good...

Probably best you don't watch THIS at work. Poor fuckers (them, not you).

Oh and the Heroin site has a full video archive now so have a look at all the pretty light shows I've made for them over the years.

09 November 2007

"Let's get a curry"

I've been meaning to do this for yonks - here's a chopped down edit of the old No War For Heavy Metal documentary that I did for Channel 4 years ago. The whole thing was too big to put online so I added a bit of music and tarted it up a bit.

08 November 2007

Rack off Ramsay.

So to carry on from where we left off yesterday here's French on Home And Away on his recent trip to Australia. That's him in the Mortician 'Hacked Up For Barbeque' shirt walking past in the background. I know the quality is shite but I know it's him. Doesn't Furzo look dishy too? He's a real 'spunk' (as they say).

07 November 2007

Just because you're paranoid don’t mean they're not after you.

OK, one of the best dudes ever doing one of the funniest things ever. This is from 1999 when I lived with Luke, Bruce and Emily. It was pretty much always funny at our house with a constant stream of spongers staying in the lounge. Luke was by far the funniest though so I've whacked this clip on Youtube so he can get the fame he deserves at last.

I love you Luke - come visit!

05 November 2007

Party week.

Big catch up post. Pumpkin carving at Matt and Teresa's.

Matt's was tech. It took him ages.

On the wall at 5050. Seth - click on this too see the close up!

Smile hoods are out now. Buy them, keep me in a job.

The trifest window display of all time. Army Surplus, Walworth road.

We have a yard! BBQ's in October rule!

Static premiere, Nugz holds it down.

Yeeeeeaaaaah Maaaaaaaaaaan!

I hadn't even done anything wrong.

Yes Josh! The vid was sick.

Sam's birthday.

Seth's birthday. Bowling and gut laughing.

We named ourselves after village people.



This week I have mostly been tearing my hair out over the lack of broadband and fixing my external drives. Computers stink. Let's all live in the trees.

Oh, and at the time this seemed like a perfectly reasonable breakfast. Jerk Chicken, black pudding, tomatoes on leftover Naan bread. Something for everyone there I think.