25 January 2010

Camarillo, CA. 9.20am

So we left LA last night and headed north on highway 101. We stopped at a motel instead of falling asleep at the wheel, probably a wise move.

LA was really good fun, the show went well and French's mates showed us a good time. Cheers to all at the Scion Gallery, the security who kicked us out of the full pipe for being cool and not performing wrestling moves on us and all the drunks down the Mandrake bar for dancing with Sam.

Today we're starting up the Pacific Coast highway stopping to gawp at anything we like the look of - hopefully including monster waves crashing off the cliffs of Big Sur, migrating whales, diners with waitresses called Missy and signs that say "World's biggest Donut, next left".

20 January 2010


I'm off to L.A. tomorrow morning with Rachel and Brunch for 10 days. Our plans are up in the air but Rach and I will probably F off to S.F. when French F's off to S.D... Make sense?

Our flights are paid for thanks to our (very) short film being in this...

Those stills on the poster are from ours. There are films by other "artists" too including some bloke from Devo.

French will probably try to make me skate all the time but hopefully not do this...

Amazing right? Can't say I give two fucks about bomb drops normally but there's always an exception.
Anyway, photos on my return and maybe a site revamp.

18 January 2010