30 July 2007

I was slippin' in south west london

Phone camera randoms - been building up in my pocket for ages, some old, some new - mostly crappy.

15 July 2007

....half chips half rice, two Naan's and a grandad....

So yeah, I've been on the Big Push with the Heroin team all last week. It was pretty sick and we hit some amazing spots even with the constant threat of bad weather. Our crew was awesome and I pretty much pissed myself laughing all week long. We started in London and then hit Saffron Walden, Bristol, Newport, Cardiff, Chepstow, Stoke, Manchester and Sheffield. I drove most of it for safety reasons (i.e. the alternative was Fos driving) and even managed to see Rachel for an evening (not long enough!) Anyway, photos from the week below and a slideshow on the Heroin site if you want the quick version.

Oh and this dude is back for a few weeks.

And this dude too. He's choking on milk and laughter here.

We lost 3 set-up's in the canal here hence Sam's heroic dive to possible pneumonia.

I could see Nugs wasn't getting enough grime time so I let him loose with my iPod in the car for a bit.

Probably the best graff I've ever seen. Fuck Neckface, fuck Banksy, fuck everyone with a spraycan - marker pen and lame digs at your mates is where it's at.

"Aren't tits brilliant!?"

Breakfast of champions.

Finishing line party - reunited with my heterosexual life-partner, he was on the Antiz team as special (needs) guest.

Rob Smith from Death, Big Push tattoo on his ball bag, sick T-shirt (it said 'God Save The Queen') and Pulman's finger. All together possibly the most disturbing photo I've ever taken.

I wouldn't put that finger too near your eye Pizzer, bearing in mind where it's been.

Blueprint special guest vs. Heroin special guest. 1-0 to us!

Alex Irvine - moves of thunder.

No shit mate - let's do one! Night night!