31 October 2006

And theres no use in crying about the damage that you've done inside

My photo of the Girls at Time Square made it onto Crailtap via Seth. Look on the daily randoms underneath the Flashdance shoe (which would be amazing by the way!)

Skated halfway across New York yesterday and achieved.... very little. Got kicked out of everywhere. Maybe today will be better. Tonight should be, supposed to be going to a party that Larry's friend is throwing at a new club with some pretty special guest performers who I don't want to jinx by mentioning them here. Please turn up!!??!!

30 October 2006


Venom fans will get this (i.e. none of you)Missing the Battle.

29 October 2006

Were you standing in the greeting card aisle when I called you up?

First couple of days around NYC... in no particular order...
Went to some at show at Lit last night with Jeff. Gonz, Neck Face, Phil Frost, etc. Whatever, their work doesn't speak to me like a Ghostbusters drawing. Fuck knows who did it but it does say "Many shuvs and zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the slor that day I can tell you" which as quotes go is pure poetry.Mike's Cameron outfit from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Nobody in the states actually wears proper Halloween costumes. I didn't see one single Vampire or Frankenstein last night. I did see Captain America catching a cab though.
Met up with Joey and went round to the apartment him and his girlfriend are staying in. Typically for Joe it's about 10 times bigger than a regular NY apartment. Luck like this is a trademark Pressey manoeuvre.
These fuckers are multiplying I swear.
Panasonic commercial with the Girl team playing in times square.
This girl was on her own in this mexican joint when a bunch of others asked if they could share her table with her. None of them were talking until she spilt her whole box of really sloppy nachos all over herself. After that they were deep in conversation for ages. I like to think it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

I'm so-oo-oo tired, I haven't slept a wink

Me? Bandwagon jumping?

27 October 2006

Course I always get my pants at K-Mart.

FINALLY got a new camera. I've been bored of the shitty low-light performance of my trusty old VX1000 for a while now and have gone and got a VX2100 from B+H here in NY today. With the bayonet upgrade ring from bayorings.com I can now use my Mk 1 death on it too. Can't give up on the Mk 1! Testing starts tomorrow if I can find Soy and Joey - they're here in NY somewhere but their phones don't work typically...

Oh and I stopped by K-Mart to pick up enough underwear to replace the ones I'm retiring in my annual 'Pants Jihad'. The ones with no crotch left are getting terminated with extreme prejudice. Socks next, though I might wait 'til I get home for that - course I always get my socks at Primark. Definately Primark.

Course, six minutes to Jeopardy.

25 October 2006

At your funeral I'm gonna get drunker than I've ever been before

Finally the La Rue Est Vers L'image edit that I did in Paris is up on the Landscape site. Have a look if you get a spare 5 minutes.

Aside from that I'm off to NYC tomorrow for a couple of weeks to film with Soy and Joey. I'm staying with Jeff and Mike again and will undoubtedly be spending some quality time in Motor City with Larry too. This time I'm definitely taking myself on a tour of all the spots from Ghostbusters and might head over to Shaolin too. Biggie's grave might be a bit trife for a wholesome Sussex boy like me.These are my room mates when I stay at Jeff and Mike's. That blue one snores like shit.

NY Shopping list:

All new underwear
New camera
New lights
Halloween outfit
XXXXL giant Biggie ghetto gown (Daffy Duck as Scarface will do)
That Hope Sandoval CD
Fun (x 10,000 units)

24 October 2006

The only time I'm drink and drug free is when I get my drugs and drink for free.

Oooops! Forgot to post these video clips along with the Lisbon/Paris stuff.

The backside flip is Chas, the tail slide is Fos, the Fado singer in Lisbon is very dark but worth listening to and Lucy was annihilated for the second night running (warning: this last clip contains an American. Sorry).

I know the things we do mean more to me than you.

I actually came home from Paris earlier than the others to see J. Spaceman play a low key gig in Brighton. It was just him, a string quartet and some gospel singers playing Spiritualized numbers and a couple of old Spacemen 3 songs.

It was absolutely amazing and brought a tear to my eye on a couple of occasions ('Anything More' especially, that song kills me) and the whole place was singing along like a choir (well, I was anyway). I cannot wait for the new album. Best band on the planet right now.Oh and yesterday Pizzer turned up in Brighton so we hung out round the shops for a bit. The reunion with Pritchard was really emotional and I'd rather not talk about it.

23 October 2006

You may wear the pants but I... the grin.

Lat week I went to Lisbon and Paris with Fos, Tamsin and Gillanders. We skated, we imbibed all kinds of local poisons and we got rained on many, many times.
The whole of Lisbon is paved with a kind of white mosaic tile that, when wet, turns the whole place into a giant ice rink. No shoes appear to have any purchase and you basically skid around between bars uncontrollably. Welcome to Lisbon - the slippery city! See you in hospital!
This lady sung to us AND served us food. That's wife material.
This gentleman may be batting from the Pavillion end as we say here in Blighty.
There's this cafe that invented the custard tart thing and to this day only 4 people know the recipe apparently. They sell like 10 squillion a day. Fos was in his element.
This guy made those crappy wire sculptures. The brief I gave him for Gill stretched his skills to the limit (ok, it probably didn't).
Perfect, just perfect.
Mall grabs.
Nick Worthington tattoo ideas.In this restaurant I ordered 2 litres of red wine Sangria for our table. Nobody else drank any. Needless to say I was spannered.
So then I insisted we all go on this.

Fucking hell!
In Portugal they REALLY want you to eat 6 portions of veg a day.
NYDM? Have Mortician really been skating this park?Leaving Lisbon I met "Plane Gill" for the first time.
So, then onto Paris for Chas's birthday celebrations. He's got a lot hairier than when I was last there a month ago.
I stayed at Tura's again. He's as nonchalant in the face of adversity as ever.
Fos and Tamsin flew back to England straight from Lisbon but French joined us for the french leg of the trip (see what I did there?).
The two photos above are by far and away funniest of the entire trip. Retard and carer.
Where ever there's dice there's Monie, Jon Monie.
Chas's flat = drinking challenges.Benjamin and Maria showed up at Chas's. Maria came as Inspector Gadget, unintentionally I think (She threw stuff at me when I suggested this)
Somwhere Dill is wearing a Benjamin shirt.