29 September 2005

Late Nights

So, it's very early Thursday morning and the premiere for Live From Antarctica is on Saturday night. Wish me luck!! I need it. And some sleep wouldn't go amiss either.

There are 2 showings, at 9pm and 9.45pm at the Prince Charles cinema just off Leicester Square. If you'd like to come i can probably get you a ticket, let me know.

Right now, i'm off to bed. Zzzzz.

21 September 2005

It's me or the dog.

For the last 4 weeks i've been working for Ricochet here in Brighton on their new show "It's me or the dog" for Channel 4.
Episode 4, that I cut, is on tonight and features a misunderstood Dalmation called Pongo. The director I worked with was great fun and we made the best of a challenging edit. Hopefully i'll be asked back to Ricochet again soon.

Now it's the last two weeks of post production on the Heroin Skateboards video with the Premiere on October 1st. Not much sleep for me at the moment!