30 August 2007

This flower is scorched, this film is on.

Sort of testing the quality of this blogger video (it's actually Google video isn't it?) and putting the Heroin trailer for our Big Push '07 effort on here too. Document is out in a week and will have the full length DVD cover mounted. We had a reet laff as you can see. I'm the one screaming and jumping in the lake.

My feet are killing me after 2 days of fruitless pushing around London. Not one trick and kicked out of everywhere. That's the way it goes sometimes.

29 August 2007

Rejection is one thing but rejection from a fool is cruel.

Oooh, Blogger lets you post video now eh? Here's Wilko going 'off the wall' at Archway banks via camera phone. Tuesday Crue represent!

23 August 2007

England for the english.

While getting ready to move house I was digging around in the master tapes box and came across this edit I did in 2001. It's from a UK Vans team tour I went on as filmer that year.

It was in the days when there was money - I got paid, I got per diem and it was a great laugh for the whole week. They had another guy with a camera that I don't think skated going up to parents at demos going "what do you think of skateboarding?" and Vans intended to make a documentary of some sort. I thought the outcome could only be embarrassing and amateur and I'd just done the No War For Heavy Metal documentary for Channel 4 and wasn't interested in repeating myself (wasn't I a diva!?) so I refused to edit the Vans one. I don't think they ever did anything with the footage at all.

Anyway, I made this just for myself at the time. It has several things wrong with it. Coldplay for one! Hey, I didn't know they would become one of those bands that everybody hates and I quite liked that tune at the time. Ok, ok - I'm a fag.

It has some sick shit from Toddy, Channer and Pulman, who were on fire that week, and features cameos from Kingy, Snowy, Pin, Silvester and even Ben Powell. Police bank R.I.P!

"Of course we're not gonna fuckin' leave without doin' one more!"

Tragically Brunch and I no longer live together. He's gone to the states for a month and I'll have moved out before he gets back. We went to Brixton market to buy souvenir rasta shirts on our last day together.

We also went to this crazy christian memorabilia shop that had all kinds of bizarre slogans and stickers. If the deranged looking woman behind the counter hadn't been eyeballing me I would have taken more pictures. She had a hat on that said "It's not a beer belly - it's a fuel tank for a sex machine." How very pious.

French in Dazed - ha ha ha!

My application to join the Bristol Thugz 2K7 is currently being processed.

This was on a blackboard in a Bristol pub. I didn't do it.

We went to see the Easy Star All Stars with Jess and Winners.

Then Sunday lunch with Bang and Nina the next day.


15 August 2007

Need to listen to more Bestial Warlust.

Some randoms I found in my digital camera from the last few weeks.

Our ideal holiday.

You know, I hate other metallers. There's always something wrong with them, like they'll have a stupid hardcore band patch on their vest or some of them gay platform boots with spikes on from Camden market or whatever. I just can't agree with them 100%. If you want to win my favour you could start by standing by the jukebox in the Cro-bar and headbanging. Mind you, you'll still have a long way to go.

Coming soon: my book - Pissing with French around the world. I'm in talks with publishers now.

Furzo slept in the kitchen on his last night. Don't ask me why.

So, French said "can you make me some lunch?" - jokingly I think. So I made him this. It had mustard, pickled onions, whole cloves of garlic, an egg, tomatoes and gravy powder on it.

We George Foreman'd it to keep it healthy.

Credit where credit's due, he actually ate it. Not sure he'll be asking for me to make his lunch again though.

Yes to crap skate photography!

Oh and while Whitehead and I were watching TV the other night we heard a woman screaming and a male voice shouting "I'm bleeding!!!". There was a fight in the stairwell outside the flat and the police came after a while. There was blood all over the place. I'll miss Brixton (about as much as I'd miss herpes)

12 August 2007

Summoning the ancients of doom...

The best thing ever to happen to me has just happened. I got a myspace message from Dagon from Inquisition. I don't need to add exclamation marks after that to enhance the importance of it. I know nobody apart from French will understand but you should know that I am beyond psyched.

I got a friend request from Inquisition earlier in the evening (they added ME!) and so I replied saying I was a huge fan and thanked them. They found me because of a video clip I filmed of them from a gig a couple of years back and posted online. Anyway, Dagon replied with this message...

Yes, I found you exactly because of that video. Your comment on there about nothing being more cult than one light onstage was simply funny as fuck... awsome brother.
I go on here searching for Inquisition supporters so I can later add them and this way keep them informed about what happening within the temple of Inquisition.
I used to be totally against this myspace thing, as many of us were at one time, and later I realized that I was letting this free propaganda machine pass by us while others took advantage of it well.
It always gives me a true sense of greatness and when I read words of support as yours. This is exactly why Inquisition will never change. Our formula of a basic, straight forward approach to the Devils music is something we want and many others as well want in a day in age when the spirit has sidetracked from those basic elements.

Take care and see you sometime, we will be in your area sometime again brother.
Hail Satan,

You can imagine my chesire cat grin when I opened that! All other music can fuck off - Inquisition are the most ridiculously evil band in the world and I'm going to build a pyre outside and burn all the other records I own. I'm going to burn French's too, he's out. He won't mind - he feels the same as me.


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"I'll take your cash and fuck your gash..."

Oh shit! Trust me blad - don't fuck with Hotwheels, you'll get run over!

Braaaap Braaaap!!!!!