31 March 2008

No confession yet, she's still talking about the bishop.

So French just did a board for Real and they wanted a little artist-interview clip for the Deluxe site. We filmed it last week and I put it together today. Have a look at him, he's a good lad really.

27 March 2008

My name is not Quaaaaaaaiiiiid!!!!

OK prepare to shit yourself with shock and awe because it's Schwarzenegger day! Here are the two best things on the internet.

The video is the single greatest achievement in the history of mankind. Nobel prize for the creators!

"Stick around" and click on the bicep for some tunes. Total Recall is epic.

23 March 2008

"Can't a guy like a mate's ass?" - Matthew Vandre. March 2008.

Rachel got one of those table grill things for her birthday so we cook jazzy meals at the table now. In her Dad's words... "Isn't it lovely being middle class?"

Rach's friend Dave came down and we bonded through metal.

I went to French's for a night. We skated Crawley park and filmed for this little web clip he has to give to Deluxe for their website. He's just done a board for Real and it's about that. I'll post it here when it's done.

As usual Wilko made skateboarding history.

Fixed gear frolics. Aren't we "now"?

Literally 2 minutes before this I had my camera out and we were filming.

11 March 2008

3 shall be the number of the counting.

My new favourite dude in the whole world is Garydchance. Have a look at his videos here. ALL FORTY FUCKING SEVEN OF THEM. I bet Ches was stoked, he certainly looks it. I'd love to have been a fly in the wall... "Grrr, bloody poachers... you don't get this in Mallorca..."

My new ambition is to get on one of Gary's vids. I'm gonna hit Blueprint up for the location.

09 March 2008

Berlin '07

I was there. If you weren't you're a total bum enthusiast.

07 March 2008

50 bumbaclart 50!

OK, first off - this lamp post is fucking fired.

Scrumpy - the dog in the old man's pub over the road. She sat on my lap for the whole evening once. We're homies.

See that bit covering the road below - it was built to catch any suiciders so they don't land in the road and fuck up the traffic. True story. It has no other purpose.

Joey has a new dog called Stella. Apparently this isn't cruel.

This is in Bristol. I'll give up it's location for the right price.

Ian had been in the oven for 45 minutes so we turned him over until he was medium rare.

Look at Pulman's mini-head!

When she got pissed off with me pestering and going "Mum...Muuum...Muuum...etc" she'd say "I've changed my name" and after a while she'd finally tell me it was Arbuthnot. No, I don't know why.

Ha ha! Psyched! Jackson has to shift all of these stars and stripes Fallens by Christmas or he loses his job. Good fucking luck!

This scots chick was mad and came out of the pub to tell us she liked skateboarding and had we noticed the words "arse" and "anal" in the big Arsenal sign. Thanks luv!

I have GOT to get me one of these!