27 February 2011

Bad Romance.

I doesn't get much Jazzier than this...

Actually they could have sat her on a fixed gear bike I suppose.
A tandem one with Jason Dill.
In Max Fish.

24 February 2011

The queen is dead boys.

I picked up the new Sidewalk yesterday so I could see the Witchcraft/Lovenskate tour article. It's been a while since I've read a British mag and as anyone who knows me will tell you, I'm down for UK skateboarding.
This ad however blew my mind. First I didn't know Craig Smedley was on Unabomber - that's a trip eh? I know 'Bomber is owned by totally different people these days and the anarchy and system smashing kind of vibe has gone but still, I thought this dude was all swishy strides and chunky laces?

Then there's this. The interesting new take on the iconic Pete Fowler Unabomber gimp..

Holy fucking shit! I'm assuming this isn't a joke and that board is in production. I'm sure Smedley is a good guy and all but mate, what are you - fucking TWELVE YEARS OLD??

I'm completely clueless with the Graffiti style of "art" (Andy Howell left me cold) but doesn't that look like the Spliffy jeans logo to you? Deformed chunky shoes and a spray can. Helicar must be turning in his grave. OK, he's not dead thankfully but this must be breaking his fucking heart. Can you imaging Harry having this graphic in the good 'ol days?

How did this...
...become this???...

We live in a fucked up world at the best of times but this ruined/made my day. I know the Fowler graphic is hardly high art and I've never counted myself as a fan exactly but I still recognise it as a classic of British skateboard graphic design.

I can well imagine the design and concept of this board probably came more from the company than the rider but still, didn't he have a say? Worst board of the year and it's only February, good work Unabomber!

If there's a worse one out right now I want to know about it.

13 February 2011

Ccccciiiidderr onn myyy lllaptoppp kkkeeeyyybbboooaaarrd. Stiiiccckkkkyyy.

I've been backing Suski since the 5boro lot came to Brighton years ago and he tried the Churchill Square rail. Plus - I've had enough of little kid footage - from now on I only like skateboarding from men with beards.

12 February 2011

Yeah, torture motherfucker, What!?

Sam Ashley is my favourite skate photographer, Dog & Duck drinking partner (along with Seth obviously) and road trip van DJ.

Snowy is my favourite Landscape rider, Wu-Tang fancier and has the best nollie flips out there.

Click the photo below for my new favourite blog post.


You might as well watch this too whilst you're in the mood...

10 February 2011

Steven Binks.

French called last night to tell me that Bingo, one of the greatest people I've ever met, died yesterday from a suspected heart attack in his shop Mischief. He was 36 years old.

Every time I visited the North East he was the perfect host, always sharing his spots and skating with us late into the night. I know that anyone who had the good fortune to spend any time with him will be devastated at his passing. He was far too young and far too good to deserve such an early ending and leaves a big hole in the lives of Teeside skateboarders and those in the rest of the country too for that matter.

Why do the good guys go first? In this case it really isn't fair.
Rest in peace Bingo, you made such a difference.

P.S. There is a skate jam on Sunday at Five Bridges in Newcastle so if you're in the area you should turn up and shred for him. 

08 February 2011

Execration of Cruel Bestiality

Proclamation from Saturday night. Better angle from 3:10 in.
 Your prophet is dead.

07 February 2011

Porco Dio.

Here's the MD video from Saturday night. Snippets of two songs (probably my favourite two actually).

Proclamation vid tomorrow.

06 February 2011

All the witches dance.

The Funeral Fog/Witchcraft crew went to gig of the year (so far) at the Elektrowerkz last night.
Bestial Raids.

Proclamation. Fourth time I've seen them now and even though I miss the old vokillist they still smash it every time.
There's nothing like a drunk and bleeding Polish random to kickstart the party!

And finally, Mortuary Fucking Drape. First time in the UK and tighter than a nun's chuff. Amazing performance, the guitarists had all the mellow interludes and solos down perfect. So sick!
I was too busy screaming along to take photos but I filmed a couple of songs that I'll upload soon.

02 February 2011

A difficult child, a spectral hand.

As you'll have gathered by now - I'm backing Grant Taylor for SOTY 2011. And probably 2012 for that matter. Fuck the Nike haters, this is a hell of a crew for KOTR.

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