28 August 2011

Alien hype.

I'm sure everyone has seen this right? Sooo good it's ridiculous.

And this one... Dill being really really good again. Who'd have thunk it?

And the Alien article in Thrasher is killer too. They must have been cracking the whip over there. Whatever it is it's working, is an AVE full web part too much to wish for?

21 August 2011

All that remains.

Sonny's recent kills...

Three rats/mice in one week. I rescued one by temporarily blinding Sonny with a torch. My son is a killer! Nature or nurture?
Downtown Showdown. 


Small world eh? West Worthing!
 This is as near I got to the action, French gave me a rider wristband but I didn't feel like getting on the course for some reason.

Jean is my muse.

More Worthing!
It's always nice to finish the evening by having a beer with Diego Maradona.

I overtook a Charger on the way home! Soooo sick. I can only assume they had the dixie-land horn fitted. 

18 August 2011

Jazz club.

This is pretty good, not amazing or perfect but on the right track. It goes a little way to pointing out that you can make something arty but still raw and skate-video-ey instead of slowing everything down to to a squillion frames per second and copying the camera angles from mainstream TV commercials with an HD camera. Ty Evans could do with being given a Hi-8 and a Jessops fisheye again for a while so that he'd learn to chill out on the super-polished yawn-fests he's put out recently. Don't bet on the Chocolate video looking like 20 Shot Sequence or anything but some kind of relaxing of the HD trickery might be nice. I'm all for a bit of jazzy depth of field and everything but in moderation as displayed here.

Oh and ALL jazz sounds this fucking hilarious to me. Niiiice.

15 August 2011

Who made who?

I just watched Maximum Overdrive and now I'm pumped on AC/DC again.

09 August 2011

Lost Soul Skateboards.

Have I blogged this one already? I forget. Anyway, I really like this video, the whole hopeless, grimy, life-is-a-pigsty intro and theme throughout is great and pretty topical this week if you're in England. Good use of VHS too. Thanks to DLD for pointing this one out to me.

05 August 2011

Witchcraft tour - Midsomer Norton.

Tibbs gave himself an ASF tattoo, shame I just sold out of the shirts and he didn't get one.
Stoked, I've never considered myself an artist or whatever but to come up with something that somebody wants on them forever is pretty cool I guess. Mind you, he also has a Snoopy tattoo.
Nico. Bibbidy Bobbidy innit.
French. Not stressed.
Nico's new ink.
In the background here you can just about see Jamie's shorts. He's obviously seen that Lemmy movie. Or he's just come skating straight from P.E.
Damo. Sunset. Cooking lager.
French looks stoked on the tour.
Look who came down to the Harbour Festival on his way back to London.
Ben has a bird! I told her loads about him when he was younger, like when he had long hair and we used to call him "Rachel from Friends." He was stoked. I've got to find the photo of his ridiculous space-potato trainers from the late 90's. She'd leave him if she ever saw them.